Use the iphone gps on windows

Sure you love your iphone but you also get a small netbook (or a portable full size) and you would like to use your GPS navigation software for windows (Streets and Trips, nRoute or mobile pc). Here are the steps necessary to achieve this.

  • Download gps2ip on the App Store from your iPhone. Only $ 2
  • Download software to emulate a com port : com0com.
  • Install this software.Everything is done automatically. You will need to rename your automatically created two ports. For example, if you have one COM port on your computer, you rename your ports CNCA0 and CNCB0 to COM2 and COM3 respectively. To rename, click the command prompt in the setup menu of the software com0com and type the commands (valid if you get only ONE com port, check your system settings, device manager and ports) changes CNCA0 PortName to COM2 and change CNCB0 PortName to COM3
  • To connect to the iphone gps server ip and transfer your gps position to the COM2 input, we need the power of UNIX. Download cygwin! Install the package "netcat" in the cygwin installer
  • Enable "Personal Hotspot" on your iPhone (necessary to get an ip address on your iphone). Connect the iPhone with the USB cable to the computer (if you do not have a wireless network)
  • Run the application Gps2IP. Turn on the server.
  • Open Cygwin console and type the command nc 11123 | tee / dev/ttyS1 (nc is from the netcat package). The address may be different: look at the address of your iphone in GPS2 IP ttyS0 = com1, ttyS1 = com2 and com3 = ttyS2, etc ... As the COM2 is the input port, COM3 is the output port. Everything that comes out through com2 com3 by.
  • We're at the stage of configuring our software street strips, nRoute and mobile pc. Specify the port COM3 (which is the output port) configuration for your gps. I leave you the pleasure! If you have any questions, send me an email!


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