Update navigation maps on your tomtom gps


How to update the maps on your gps tomtom model: 

  • Tomtom pro 8000
  • Tomtom pro 4000
  • Tomtom go 940 live
  • Tomtom go 740 live
  • Tomtom go 540 live
  • Tomtom go 930(t)
  • Tomtom go 730(t)
  • Tomtom go 630(t)
  • Tomtom go 530(t)
  • Tomtom go 920(t)
  • Tomtom go 720(t)
  • Tomtom go 520(t)
  • Tomtom go 910
  • Tomtom go 710
  • Tomtom go 510
  • Tomtom go 700
  • Tomtom go 500
  • Tomtom go 300
  • Tomtom xl 300(s)
  • Tomtom one XL
  • Tomtom one 130(s)
  • Tomtom one 3rd edition
  • Tomtom one 2nd edition
  • Tomtom one
  • Tomtom rider
  • Tomtom rider 2nd edition
  • Tomtom navigator 7 ( logiciel intégré dans ces cellulaires)
  • ERA MDA Compact IV
  • 02 XDA Diamond
  • 02 XDA Diamond Pro
  • Swisscom HTC Touch Diamond
  • Swisscom HTC Touch Pro
  • T-Mobile MDA Vario IV
  • Vodafone HTC Touch Diamond
  • Vodafone HTC Touch Pro
  • Tomtom navigator 6 ( HP iPAQ rx5700/5900 )

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There are several cards on the market, you can update the preinstalled map in your gps or buy one with another country on it.

The regions / countries are the following

The Alps
The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
Canada and Alaska
Germany, and Switzerland'Autriche
Eastern Europe
Spain and Portugal
Hong Kong
Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark
Southern Africa
Britain and the Republic of Ireland
The United States - Midwest Region
The United States - Great Plains Region
The United States - South Central Region
The United States - South East Region
The United States - Western Region
The United States and Canada
Western Europe

To make the comparison with the maps offered by the competing company Garmin, click here

For example, if you already have a map of Canada and the United States that you received when purchasing the GPS, you can update it to the sum of $ 99.95 USD. Consult http://www.tomtom.com/products/maps

For some countries like France, it is possible to have 4 updates per year card for 40 euros. It is also possible to make the update for free if new maps are available and you purchased your tomtom since less than 30 days.

These updates are more expensive than its competitors garmin and magellan

If you want to upgrade other things, you can update voice, traffic specs with the tomtom one software.

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