Update maps on your mio gps c310, c320, C520

How to update the maps on your gps mio model: c310x, C320, C520

The c series of the company is no longer updated since July 2007. If your maps are older than those proposed and that you want to update gps to this version, you can do it here:

The updated maps for mio gps-to-date details of $ 69, cheaper than garmin city navigator or an update from magellan

For the mio moov series gps, you can get the updated 2009 maps for your gps if you register your device before 20 February 2009 and that you have purchased it before January 20. visit http://www.freemapupdate.com/francais/

You will need the usb cable for your device that you can buy here if you have not received it at the purchase.

cable usb pour gps

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