Installing maps on your garmin gps

When you buy City Navigator, you must install the software and unlock the maps so that they are functional and you can transfer them with mapsource on your gps

mapsource installation welcome message

The first step is to install City Navigator. Click Next >

mapsource license agreement

You must thereafter accept the license agreement for using the City Navigator NT software from Garmin. Check the boxes "I Accept the Data License Agreement" and " I accept the Software License Agreement".

mapsource installation directory

Choose the directory you want to install and click Install. Wait some minutes.

mapsource installation finished

Click Finish

garmin serial number or unit ID

The maps must be unlocked in order to be displayed in MapSource. In fact, when you buy maps you get a product key that allows you to obtain an unlock code. Each product key can be used to obtain only one unlock code and each unlock code can be used to transfer map to only one gps. The unlock code is based on your garmin Unit ID, the regions you buy (Europe, North America) and on the map version (City Navigator v8, City navigator 2010). To know, your unit ID,Go to Settings, System and About.

mapsource unlockwizard welcome

Run the mapsource unlockWizard

mapsource UnlockWizard unlock options

UnlockWizard wizard allows you to unlock your maps. You can also unlock via the web.

mapsource UnlockWizard connect garmin

You'll need the internet to unlock the maps

mapsource unlockwizard mygarmin

You need a garmin account. Create one here.

mapsource unlockwizard garmin unlock customer question

Choose: I'm a new garmin unlock customer


mapsource unlockwizard personal information

Enter your personal information

mapsource unlockwizard internal unit ID or manually enter

Choose manually enter external serial number (See the about dialog on your gps) if you already know your unit ID

mapsource unlockwizard get unit id

Choose the device you need the Unit ID.

mapsource unlockwizard  coupon code

Enter your unlock code code and Click Next to get the unlock code

mapsource map tool

After your maps are unlocked, choose the map tool to select regions you need to transfer

mapsource send to device

Choose Send to Device when you're done selecting the region.

Choose the device( on my computer i can see Garmin Mobile PC (for portable computers), the amovible drive G: (SDHC 4 gigs memory card) and my nuvi 260 internal memory) .Click Send to start the transfer.

mapsource sending to gps

Wait some minutes (or hours)

mapsource transfer complete




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