Some tips to enter addresses on garmin gps

When you enter address in your gps and it says No Matches Found , do not get discouraged right away, there are some solutions to try before trying to update your gps . Ask yourself some questions

1. Never write the following: street, boulevard, avenue

2. Does the city name is what you believe? There were several cities merging and probably the name was not updated in the gps.

3. Hyphen and apostrophes are required! If you go to St-Georges-de-Cacouna, then do not forget the hyphen.

4. You do not have to write everything if you go to St-Georges-De-Cacouna, then write St George and then "OK." You will have all the cities beginning with St-Georges. This trick also applies to street names and the spelling of names of points of interest: "Spell name." For example, mcdo trouvera mcdonalds nearby.

5. You can view the map and select a street near your destination and choose "Go!" if the street is not in your gps.

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