Tips and tricks for the Garmin nuvi series

To charge a battery with the usb port, disconnect the usb drive from "My Computer". Hold the button until beep. Push again power button and wait for the beep. The GPS should show "charging".

If the gps doesn't receive the satellite signal, update your gps with webupdater and do a "hard reset"

Hard reset

Of course there is a reset button on the back of the gps, but this button does not erase user data. Press the bottom right corner of the touch screen and simultaneously press power. Release power. Choose to erase user data when requested.

Your Garmin does not say street names and is compatible with the text to speech feature: Choose a tts voice (This is indicated in brackets).

You want to create new voices. Then read this article

Regardless of the address or point of interest you are looking for, your garmin tells you that there is no result:

try to go to the "Tools" menu, after select "settings", the "map", then "info". In this menu you can see the version of maps installed. Be sure to check at least one map, otherwise you will not find anything with your gps!

If your gps is frozen, try the reset button: there's no standard place on a nuvi, check in the manual.

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