Speech recognition with the nuvi 850, 880

The nuvi 850 model is special because it recognizes your voice (this feature is sometimes called the speech recognition). You tell it where you want to go without touching anything and it is. Perfect for the illiterate who can not write. This model comes in two versions the 850 and 880. The 880 is compatible bluetooth for handsfree calling with your phone in a vehicle while driving. These models come with a remote that can activate or deactivate the voice recognition function and serves as a microphone so you can give it orders. Make sure it is enabled in the Menu page, touch Tools> Settings> System> Remote> Turn off. ttes remote ..

Here's the shortcut command

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Fore more informations, read the manual

It exists other gps models with the speech recognition feature:the tomtom go 930, le tomtom go 920, le tomtom go 730, le tomtom go 630 et le tomtom pro 8000

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