How to add your company in Magellan, TomTom, Garmin, Sony gps models!

Who do I contact for updating addresses, streets, points of interest in GPS?

You just buy your gps and you plan your trip. You enter a few destinations. So far so good. But this address, garmin does not really know it (the street is not even on the map!). What are your possibilities? Call Magellan now? Call Tomtom ? Well no, the main manufacturers of GPS buy their maps from Navteq and TeleAtlas. For points of interest, there are also suppliers. Fodor's provides points of interest related to the restaurant. You can also inform you with these companies. The key point here is to call the right people and say them that your address is missing or incorrect and.

Navteq provides maps for Garmin, Magellan, and Nextar Sony (and possibly others). If you have these models, visit MapReporter. By updating your street/city with navteq, gps will be improved in the futur. MapReport also lets you add, edit and delete roads that no longer exist, add speed limits, one way and road signs (traffic signs). It is also possible to add roundabouts, bridges, tunnels.

If you own a TomTom, also send feedback using TeleAtlas Map Insight tool. If you own a TomTom, you can use the tool to make map corrections directly from your GPS and synchronize those changes with tomtom home.

If you own the software copilot, you can reports errors to service mapsure ALK digital maps. Apply to

  • CoPilot Live HD for iPad
  • CoPilot Live v8 for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and smartphones
  • Magellan RoadMate 1470 and 1700
  • PC * MILER Navigator 450
  • RightWay 550, 550 Spotter RightWay Tony Stewart and Dale Jr.
  • RightWay 550 Spotter


Do not forget the searches from google. To add your business location on google, it's easy. Go to google addresses. You can also add information about your business.

Add your site to the databases of points of interest

The databases are very popular. These sites will be happy that you put their information up to date and your company will be more visible across the globe





Do not forget that the modifcations you report must first be validated. These companies offer mostly an update each 3 months. Thereafter, each owner needs to update its GPS (with or without charge) for the change to be in the GPS.

Update garmin

Update tomtom

Update magellan gps

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