Put the details of canada radar and cameras to red lights in your garmin gps

Points of interest on gps are very useful to save the position of a historic site, a new restaurant that you love and who is not yet included in the database of your gps. Maybe you thought about a different use? If you had a list of all the radars in Canada?

The gps garmin come with this functionality. Some models: street pilot c330, the c550 street pilot, the zumos, the NuVis, the gpsmap cx (60cx, 60CSx, 76cx, 76csx, Venture CX, Legend CX, Vista Cx), the StreetPilot i2, i3 and i5 and StreetPilot 2700 series).

To put the coordinates of points of interest in your gps, you need poiloader software that you download here. After you download the csv file Red_Light_Cameras_ca.csv and Speed_Cameras_ca.csv. These files contain the coordinates. Two other files with the same name can be added, one with the extension. Mp3 for a custom alert. (Compatible with zumos, the StreetPilot c550, 2730,2820,7200 and 7500 as well as mp3 compatible nuvi. You can set a custom icon to a maximum size of 24x24 as a. Bmp also with the same name.

The last step is to put the coordinates of these points of interest in the GPS and set the speed beyond which the gps issue the warning tone when approaching a radar or define the distance you want to be warned when approaching a camera at a traffic light. Good luck and obey the law!

poi red light camera


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