Garmin nuvi 2400 series comes with wide screen

By Germain Malenfant

Similar to the dezl series designed for truckers,the display has been expanded to a nice 5 inches, Garmin announced the new 2400 series at CES in Las Vegas. It includes several models:

nüvi ® 2450

nüvi ® 2460LT

nüvi ® 2450LM

nüvi ® 2460LMT

These wide screen gps replaces the 1400 series (1450/1490t). This series offers the same features provided by the nüvi 2300 series previously discussed in another article.

The dimensions of the GPS are 5.4 "W x 3.3" H x .6 "D (13.7 x 8.3 x 1.5 cm)

combining a 5.0 inch screen with 480 x 272 pixels

They are compatible with myTrends and trafficTrends (calculating the best route based on statistics from other drivers). This compares to the technology of tomtom IQRoutes.

Here's some specs

  • MicroSD slot is available for adding new maps
  • Navigation instructions with street names (text to speech technology)
  • Visual lanes assist with views of the way ahead
  • Possibility of creating routes (calculating the best route to take to visit each stop)
  • Speed limit indication for highways and major roads
  • Feature to note the current position when the GPS is removed from its dock station. Useful to retrieve his vehicle
  • CityXPlorer compliant
  • You can add a traffic receiver. This receiver is not necessarily included unless otherwise indicated . Check for letter "T" in the model name.
  • Canada, United States and Mexico maps


Like models in xx00 series and xx50 series, the nuvi 2450/2450LM are not compatible with Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling. Model nuvi 2450LM can be map updated for free. 2460LT and 2460LMT models have a traffic receiver. The model 2460 LMT can be updated without charge.

You can see the ratings given on points of interest from other users. So you can find the best places even if you are not from the area. Of course, you can also vote: connect your GPS to the computer and go to your account to upload your rate to your myGarmin account.

You can also select the icons you use often to be visible in the main screen.

With this series, Garmin makes many people happy with the big wide screen and the voting system (for the best roads and the best points of interest, you have to vote!)


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