MapSource BlueChart contents

Detailed marine cartography

• Details for Alaska bathymetric

• Includes Canadian port services; map with details rivers inland

• Includes Wavey line data for the Turks and Caicos Islands in addition to map data from Explorer Charts for the Bahamas

• Bathymetric data for the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico

• updated coverage of the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and South America

• Services available in ports including marinas name, address and telephone number

• Specific information on the cards including the name, card number, date of last revision and advice to navigation

• Travel Management and crossing points used to transfer routes and tracks from your GPS to your PC

• Object Mapping

• Shaded depth contours

• Tidal Areas

• Survey places

• Plans for ports

• navigation aids with view, distance and coverage

• With the purchase of MapSource BlueChart CD, you get access to a marine area of your choice - follow the instructions on the certificate to do this, then download that data onto a memory card or compatible Garmin GPS

For more details, visit the official website of BlueChart cartography



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