Tell your gps garmin the weight, height, width and type of equipment that you carry on and let it calculate the route

During the second quarter of 2009, Garmin will release a model specifically for truckers: the nuvi 465t. This model is the only one of a series yet.

This GPS provides the same maps as models of other series. On the other side, few points of interest were added. You have a list of all service centers and repair 24 hours from the United States: The list NTTS: National Truck and Trailer Services. It has the list of truckstop. It will take approximately 18 months for these points of interest of Canada to be integrated.

As assistance to truckers: it has the text to speech, so it tells the name of the road where you must turn and take the right exit.

Truckers will appreciate the ability to enter the width, height, weight and the content of your convoy. This GPS will help you take the best route. You can also plan your trip, with the required stop.

It is also pronounced turn and steep slopes, and can notify you of winds and where the road narrows. With its integrated FM traffic receiver, it also notifies you of traffic jams and constructions.

It also allows you to make calls with its integrated Bluetooth. You can call contact with a simple touch on the name.

Visit the official nuvi 465t website of the company for more information.

If you have a laptop, you can also use the copilot software for truckers

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