I'm lost but my Tomtom knows where i am

There are several model of tomtom gps. TOMTOM GO series is the one with the most features but is also the most expensive. This series contains all the features of other series such as TomTom MapShare technology allowing you to make corrections to your own map and benefit from the changes of thousands of TomTom users for free. The added features are music player, the speech recognition: you say your address and your TomTom leads you to destination. The possibities to make hands-free calling is also part of the GO series: compatible with all bluetooth cellphone. Last convenient function unique to this series: the integrated FM transmitter: the sound of the gps is broadcast on your radio, be sure to understand what your gps tells you. The GPS series Go have the text to speech to let you hear the street name you must turn. The 720 does not include IQ Routes technology, but other models higher yes. In summary, if we can travel 90 kilometers on a road but it has to stop every 300 meters for traffic signals, the gps route will promote a slow but non-stop road. This technology takes into account the real average speed measured on a road rather than the maximum authorized speed. The model 930 comes with bluetooth and a remote control allows easy access to traffic data. TOMTOM one Series 130 contains a smaller screen, the 130S has the text to speech, the XL 330 has a larger screen and xl 330s voice synthesis.

What is very interesting compared to garmin is the possibility to be alerted when you are near a school or place of worship or when you exceed the maximum authorized speed (or speed you specify). You can also create routes on any model (several destinations scheduled for a trip). On a garmin, you have to buy a garmin 700 series, . It is also impossible to be warned when overtaking speed or when approaching a school .... The dark side, no way to know the altitude, poor quality of maps in rural areas (incomplete at least in Canada) and the poor quality of the suction cup mount to fix it to the dashboard: the worst on the market !