I'm lost! My nuvi knows where I am

There are different models of GPS Garmin nuvi. Here is an incomplete list: the nuvi 200, 250, 260, 350, 360, 650,660,670. There are several differences between the models that I will explain. The base model in the series is the nuvi nuvi 250. This model contains all the maps of North America and all points of interest: restaurants, petrol stations, banks, hotels, shops, parking, entertainment, leisure, museums, community, hospitals, transit (airports) . It is as complete as the most efficient models: the differences are at other levels.

The garmin nuvi 260 has an additional feature, it dictates the spoken street names when you turn. For example, it will say "Turn left onto the Smith Street. This feature is also called text-to-speech synthesis. All models of the Nuvi 200 series have the following dimensions 3.8 "wide by 2.8" in height and a thickness of 0.8 ". The size of the screen is: 2.8" wide by 2.1 "in height and a diagonal 3.5 "except for the W models that have a screen size of 4.3". For frequent travelers, the nuvi 270 model is a good choice. It includes maps of Europe. Garmin has also introduced a new series which adds a few models in these series.

There is also the nuvi 300 series. From this series, you have the text to speech feature on all models, ie that your gps voice tells you the street name when you have to turn. This series is compatible with FM traffic services. The battery also has a longer battery life, ie 8 hours compared to 5 hours for the 200 series. They also have a mp3 player and an audio out for headphones. The model 360 is compatible with Bluetooth technology to make calls hands-free with bluetooth compatible cellphones. The nuvi 370 model has the American and European maps. The models of the 300 series also have an anti-glare screen. This series is discontinued. You can find refurbished models on the market.


The 400 series is the new standard for truckers. For now, only one model exists: the nuvi 465t. This GPS asks for width, height and weight of the convoy to choose the ideal route to follow. You can also enter multiple-point routing . It lists all semi-trucks facilities in North America. It is bluetooth compatible for handfree calling.

The 500 series is the crossover series (which includes topo and road maps). Other series can display topographic maps, but are not included. In addition, this series is consistent with the standard IPX7 (waterproof). You can also replace the battery on the gps for yourself. This gps has the text to speech function to speak street name. Some time ago, magellan had created its crossover model. This series plays mp3.

In the 600 series, the screen and the size of the device is larger. The screen measures 3.81 "wide by 2.25" tall and has a diagonal of 4.3 ". The total size of the device is as follows: 4.9" wide by 2.9 "tall and has a thickness of 0.9". The screen resolution is 480 by 272 pixels while the 200 series and 300 have 320x240 pixels. Battery life is 7 hours, which is slightly less than the 300. The LCD screen is bigger: the battery life shorter. One way to increase the autonomy is to reduce the brightness on the LCD screen. These models also say the street names. For this feature is operational, you must choose a voice tts (text to speech). "TTS" is indicated in parentheses at the end of the voice in the settings. In this series, there is an additional model: the 680. The 680 is compatible with the MSN Direct service. With the MSN Direct service, be aware of traffic, gasoline prices, weather and soon the time of the movies at the cinema, local events, courses in the stock market and news. This series is discontinued. You can find used or reconditioned models on the market.

The models of the 700 series have the following dimensions for the LCD: 3.81 "wide by 2.25" high. Its total dimensions are 4.8 "wide by 3" tall and 0.8 "thick. It differs from the 600 series because it is possible to save up to 10 routes that you can set before you travel. More, you have an FM transmitter in the device, so you can get the sound through your sound system of the vehicle. Models 750T, 760 and 770 have an integrated traffic receiver, the 750 is compatible only. With this series, you also have a practical function: As soon as you remove the GPS from the mount, the location is saved. It's convenient to find his car! The model 760 has integrated Bluetooth technology, the 770 has the additional European maps. From this series, you can save the path you take and transfer it to your pc in gpx format and view it with google earth (series 700.800 and 5000). There is also a hidden feature on the 200 series.

The models of the 800 series have the same size screen than the 700 series but a dimension slightly different device: 4.9 "wide by 3.1" tall and 0.7 "thick. So, a little thinner but a little wider and taller. They are compatible with Voice Recognition and come with a remote control. 860 and 880 are bluetooth compatible. The best gps on the market is the nuvi 880 which includes all the features (text to speech, bluetooth, integrated FM transmitter, traffic receiver, MSN Direct, speech recognition, you can create routes and maps of North America and Europe are included).

And then the last series nuvi but not least, the nuvi 5000. At the moment, only one model is the nuvi 5000. These dimensions are very large: 5.65 "wide by 3.71" high by 0.8 "thick. The LCD is also large with its 4.5" wide, 2.7 "in height and a diagonal of 5.2". The resolution is 800x480. You can't use this model with a battery, because there are none. Like all other nuvi models, it is not waterproof. It can store up to 3,000 of your favorite addresses, unlike others which are limited to 500. It does not support voice recognition but it is bluetooth compatible. It is compatible with the MSN Direct service, it has an FM transmitter and it contains several games for boredom truckers! He has truckers options, but it is not possible to specify the width, height, weight and type of loading.


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