The weather is bad, I want to be warned by my gps!

A service is available at the company together with any XM Satellite Radio in the United States. This service provides information on weather alerts on your gps, listen to XM radio, and have traffic information. Only a few devices are compatible. Here is the list

StreetPilot ® 2730 (GXM 30 receiver included)
StreePilot 7200
StreetPilot 7500
StreetPilot 2820
zumo ™ 500
zumo 550

To do this, you must subscribe to the services:

weather, traffic, radio

and to acquire the GXM 30 receiver

There are also other services for the weather as the MSN Direct service. This service also lets you know the price of gasoline, time, movies, prices of shares on the stock exchange and news.

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