Nuvi voice modification
par Germain Malenfant

Why change the voice of your GPS? For fun, of course, or because you are tired of the original voice. For one reason or another, here's how to create a male or female voice to your personalized sensual mood today.

To begin with, you will need a small program that can be found here and a usb cable to change the internal memory of the gps. This software called voice utility allows you to decompile the files VBM that you can find in the / Garmin / Voice directory. Before modifying a file, I advise you to save these files in a safe place. When you decompile a file VBM, you get several small files. With each of these small files, you can modify a command in particular.

After you record your voices, you replace all files in the VBM file with those you have recorded. The utility will convert your file in the proper wave format. After you'll use "Join" and specify the directory where the files are saved. You overwrite the file .VBM of the unit with the new one (always make a backup).

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