Garmin GPS: user-friendly gps for seniors: a tutorial

There is a wide variety of gps on the market, some are very simple to use and greatly simplifies your life when entering addresses.

What makes the gps difficult among seniors : screens too small (3.5 inches) and hidden options. Often these people have little education, weaker eyesight and knowledge of the technologies. For these people, everything must be clearly indicated on the screen without having to scroll the screen or pressing weird icons.

The leader in the market is undoubtedly the Garmin gps. When you open it, it asks you where you come after you and offers a choice of language appropriate for display on the screen and voice. After that, you must confirm that you do not program the same at the same time you drive. (Required for compliance with the laws in force)

Thereafter, you are ready to indicate your next destinations. The icon "to go" is very large and very descriptive.

ecran principale du nuvi

You get into another menu.

écran ou aller

This menu lets you choose between address, home, points of interest, cities, favorites, intersections. To simply enter an address you press address.

entrer la province ou l'état

You enter the state or province where you go if that is displayed does not match. Otherwise, you just press Quebec.

saisie de l'etat ou de la province

As soon as the software will recognize the province, you will click on it or give you the choice of a few provinces.

choix de la province

Afterwards, you enter the address, city premier.If there are special characters such as hyphens or apostrophes, you must enter on the keyboard. The software simplify your life when it will recognize the city as you type enough characters, it will display the city and save you time. If cities shown are not what you are looking for, you know that you are wrong or you have not entered the correct address or the right province. In this case, press the back button. It is possible that the gps need a map update.

saisie de la ville

When you enter the city, after you enter the street. Only the name without the boulevard, street, avenue, road, etc ... Same as when entering the city, where the software will recognize the street because you've typed enough characters, it will display the street(s) and you can confirm by pressing on it.

écran ville trouvée

After you enter the house number and Done.

saisie numéro civique

You have two options, the first is to save this address in your favorites so you do not retype each time. The other option is "Go": the gps then begin to guide you.

écran adresse trouvée

What can make your life easier is to be guided with voice instructions including street name. Turn right on boulevard cartier. To do this, I recommend models 255w, 265w (for a traffic receiver), model 600 series (discontinued) or a model series 700 or 800 (with speech recognition). Other benefits of garmin is to be warned in advance from exit. You will be warned to change track long before having to make turn.

Other facilities, the address of your home: go to your home by pressing a single icon (in new models ending with 5).

If you want to go to a point of interest without entering the address, you will press the Points of Interest icon on the screen "Where to?".

ecran points d'interets

For more choices, press the down arrow.

ecran points d'interets 2

To see the musement/theme park/arena/churc, press the corresponding option

choix sous catégorie points d'interet

In our example, we choose church

choix eglise

And we choose "Presbytère de St-Arsène"

aller vers presbytere st-arsene

Press Go!

ecran aller vers destination

Here you choose if the presbytery is your new destination or if you want to make a detour before going to your final destination (Moncton in the example)

ecran principale lors d'un trajet

When you go to a destination, you can return to the main screen to stop your trip or make a detour to a new address.

GPS voice guide you to your destination. If you wish, you can view the map.

ecran carte guidage

I have sold several different models of several different brands, Garmin are the least often returned to the store by customers. These are also the most easy and complet gps. Garmin have the better poi and address databasse in North Amercia. You can not get confused! The windshield mount has a suction cup that adheres well and it is very not prone to be defectuous.

I hope you choose Garmin!

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