New gps from garmin

Garmin company has recently updated its models gps slightly modifying their model numbers. There are some notable differences between these new models and old models.

First difference, the maximum number of Favorites you can save in your device. Formerly, the number was 500, it's now 1000. All new models are compatible with the traffic and MSN Direct receiver. These models also use the microSD card instead of SD cards. When viewing maps, you can also see shaded relief. In addition, for models equipped with Bluetooth technology, it is now possible to hear the sound of your gps in bluetooth speakers since they are compatible bluetooth a2dp.

The new models are those whose number ends in 5: nuvi 255, nuvi 265 wt, nuvi 755t, nuvi 765t, nuvi 775t, nuvi nuvi 785t and 885t.

Besides the features mentioned above, you can also put your gps up-to-date with ecoroute. With this feature, you'll have a good idea of the cost of gasoline attached to a trip: write the gasoline consumption in the cities and on the highways for help your gps. It will help you minimize your consumption. After each trip, you will know if you've saved or not the gaz.

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