Ask your gps where gasoline is the cheapest and receive infos on weather, news and stock prices in the stock market!

All these information are available with subscription to MSN Direct service from Microsoft.

This service is offered in several large Canadian and American cities. In Quebec, for example, the services offered are: the weather, the schedule of movies, news, the value of shares on the bourse, the flight schedule.

These services are also offered in Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler and Winnipeg. In Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, you also have information on the traffic (and other accidents).

There are two versions of MSN Direct.

The first version allows you to know the price of gasoline, time, movies, weather forecasts and current weather on your GPS navigator.

The second version of MSN Direct gives you more information on the latest movies, news, prices in the stock market and the ability to add mapping from Microsoft Live Search. This version is compatible with the Nuvi 700 series and Nuvi 800.

Here are the models compatible with the Garmin GPS MSN Direct

StreetPilot ® C580 *
nüvi ® 205/205W/255/255W
nüvi 680 *
nüvi 750/760/770
nüvi 780 *
nüvi 850
nüvi 880 *
nüvi 5000

You will need the GDB 50 receiver except with the new series nüvi ® 205/205W/255/255W which requires GDB 55 and a subscription of course.


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