Garmin's newest serie: nuvi 3700

Here's the Garmin GPS 3700 Serie! This serie looks like an ipod touch or iphone! It is very thin, and the dimensions of the device are only 12.2 x 7.5 x 0.89 cm. Not even a centimeter thick. The ipod touch 2nd and 3rd generation is 8.5mm (0.04cm is a small difference). Another similarity? These models have an accelerometer that know the device position. It means that you can put it vertically or horizontally and the display screen automatically turns in the correct position as an ipod touch. If you want a similar model, but with wireless technology to surf the Internet and a camera, go for the nuvi 295W GPS.

nuvi 3750ipod touch

Fig. Nuvi 3750 vs ipod touch

This series brings several innovations in Garmin technology: trafficTrends technology allows your GPS to calculate the best route based on traffic previously seen at a certain time and at a certain day. All you have to do is to connect the GPS to the computer and log into your myGarmin account. Note that this service is free. This technology is similar to its competitor : TomTom. The tomtom GPS uses iqroutes technology since many years.

MyTrends ™ technology allows your GPS to learn about your lifestyle! Big brother! Seriously, add the addresses you visit regularly in your favorites and the gps will learn your work schedule and your weekly appointments. It can automatically shows your arrival time and the traffic (with a traffic receiver).

There are some other models in this series: The nüvi 3750, the nüvi 3760T and the nuvi 3790T. The 3760T adds hands-free calling technology and a traffic receiver is included. The top-end 3790T adds the ability to display maps in 3D and the buildings in 3D. Like the 800 and 805 series, the 3790t is compatible with voice recognition so you can say the wanted destination to get directions. All models have a 4.3 inch screen and uses microSD for adding maps.You can buy cityXplorer map (cityXplorer map is working on the 1000 and 2000 series)

These models add support for maps with DEM (Digital Elevation Model) which allows you to have a beautiful three dimensions view. The screen resolution is also very impressive with 800x480 pixels. For those who wanted an easy way to report errors in the points of interest, it is now possible to indicate that the location is invalid directly from the GPS (instead of going on MapReporter)

Recently, some models was updated : with the 3790LMT and the 3760LMT, you can update the maps for free throughout the life of the gps. There are also other models of GPS with the ability to update the maps for free.

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