Having a GPS on his cellphone

With telenav, you can transform your cell phone into a high performance GPS. Of course, it tells you where you are, the next turn, distance remaining before turning and the number of miles remaining on your trip. It dictates the spoken name of the street you must take. If you miss a turn, telenav automatically recalculate the route. You can also see the path to follow before starting to avoid surprises. In addition, you are warned of traffic jams, accidents, which can save you considerable time. You have several methods of calculation: the fastest way, the cost, preference for roads, highways preference, or tell him that you are pedestrians. Another interesting feature: note the location of your vehicle and return it in any parking lot.

To see a list of compatible cell phones for your company (AT & T, Alltel, Bell, Boost Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, Nextel, Qwest, Rogers, SouthernLINC, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon)


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