The nuvi 500 series, the all-in-One GPS

The garmin nuvi 500 is in a special class. It is a all in one gps. You can use it for hiking, marine, travel on the road and for treasure hunting. It is a model that was highly anticipated. It compares to the magellan crossover. It is a all-terrain model and therefore waterproof (complying with the standard IPX7). The features you might want for hiking but that are not available are the altimeter and compass. If you want these features, you should rather opt for these models: Series 300 and Colorado 400, eTrex Summit, eTrex Vista, GPSMAP 76, GPSMAP 60, rino 530, rino 130. In terms of features commonly found on car/motorcycle gps, bluetooth technology is also absent. Like for the models from the 700 series, you can make routes (up to 10). This model is compatible with the info-FM traffic and MSN Direct with the purchase of accessories on the garmin site. It is also compatible with gpx files available on the site http://www.geocaching.com to find treasures. It is compatible with photo navigation(http://connect.garmin.com/photos). You download the photos of a historic site or monument and your garmin will take you there. It is compatible with BlueChart maps and topographic maps for your hiking needs.

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