Description of Canada topographic map for garmin gps

Ideal for hiking, climbing, ski, canoe-kayak and any activity where a topographic map is useful, this tool gives you access to the entire Canada on your computer and on the ground. Download the complete contents of the disc on your computer to plan your trip and ... dream. Then upload the maps of the region where you intend to go in your Garmin GPS and go!

Management functions of the route based on map data of the digital National Topographic System of Canada 1 / 50, 000th or 1 / 250 000e

Ability to search by city, point, river or lake

Indication of interest or facilities such as parks, campgrounds, lookouts, the picnic areas, shoreline routes, power lines, the ports listed, summits, peaks and other geographic locations, and numerous trails and pathways borrowers

Compatible with eTrex Vista, eTrex Legend HCx, GPSMAP 76S, GPSMAP, Colorado 300, 60CX, GPS 76 and GPSMAP 76 * * (* Limited capacity: for example, you may not be able to "find nearest marinas" or view information about a particular mapping function.)


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