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When you buy your GPS, you are supplied with a small instruction manual but without any software. The manual is very thin. This is a quick start guide. If you want complete instructions, you must download the manual directly from Garmin website. In this article I'll talk about software that will allow you to use your GPS to its full potential. The software in question: webupdater, poiloader, mapsource, voice studio and basecamp

Let's start with the best known. Webupdater allows you to update your Garmin GPS - the voices and the firmware. Note that WebUpdater can't update the map data from your GPS (addresses and points of interest). To update the maps, you must use mapsource, mapinstall or software included with the purchase of updates on DVD. See my article on updating garmin maps. This software is available free for Windows and Mac OS 10.4

Poiloader software, lets you transfer points of interest in your Garmin GPS. Do you know a new restaurant? Then, with poiloader you can transfer information directly to your GPS. You can be alerted when approaching it. You can even play music (if the GPS is compatible with mp3 and tourguide). Poiloader allows you to transfer a set of points of interest in a Csv file or a Gpx file (GPS Exchange Format) to your garmin gps. This software is available free for Windows and Mac OS 10.4. I recommend this software to export radar positions to your gps.

Do you need a more sophisticated software that allows you to visually manage points of interest, paths and routes? BaseCamp allows to create, view and edit waypoints, routes and tracks. BaseCamp organizes your waypoints, routes, tracks and treasures stored in the Library. It also allows you to display your topographic maps in 2D or 3D (with elevation profiles) on your computer screen. It eases data importation from Gdb,Gpx, loc.and Mps file type. This software is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS 10.4

Mapsource is an all-in-one software. It allows you to transfer road maps and topographic maps to your Garmin GPS (and to unlock them). It also allows the creation and the transfer of waypoints, routes and tracks to your GPS. Only downside: its not compatible with Mac OS.

Voice Studio can create new voices and send them to the gps. Wonderful for a personalized voice for your girlfriend who just do not like those prebuild.Windows only

The software mapconverter allows the conversion of maps and unlock codes to macintosh format

Garmin ANT Agent allows you to transfer workout data from ANT devices compatible to your computer and vice versa. Garmin ANT Agent detects all Garmin devices and automatically retrieves the workout data on your computer and upload it to Garmin Connect. Compatible gps: Edge 705, Edge 500, 310XT Forerunner, Forerunner 405, 405CX Forerunner, Forerunner 50, FR60. You will need the USB ANT

Homeport allows you to view BlueChart maps and plan your trip on the water (this is not a free one)

Garmin Training Center allows you to create workouts (for edge and forerunner models)

For the official list, please visit the official Garmin http://www.garmin.com

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