Update your map on your garmin nuvi gps

Map updates for your garmin gps

How to update your maps to city navigator 2011 version?

Pour la version française de comment mettre à jour les cartes de votre gps garmin nuvi

When you turn on your garmin, does it say that your map are older than one year and you have to update on http://www.garmin.com/mapupdates ?

If so, all steps to update your nuvi are explained in this article. It is possible that you can download updates for free. Read this article until the end to know what is your situation and what to do to install city navigator north america 2011 or city navigator europe 2011 in your gps (old city navigator version is 2010).


List of models with city navigator

garmin gps models for cars and trucks

garmin nuvi 200, garmin nuvi 200w,
garmin nuvi 205
garmin nuvi 250, garmin nuvi 250w, garmin nuvi 250wc (maps of canada)
garmin nuvi 255, garmin nuvi 255w
garmin nuvi 260, garmin nuvi 260w,
garmin nuvi 265wt
garmin nuvi 270
garmin nuvi 275t
garmin nuvi 350
garmin nuvi 360
garmin nuvi 500
garmin nuvi 550
garmin nuvi 650
garmin nuvi 660
garmin nuvi 750
garmin nuvi 755,
garmin nuvi 760
garmin nuvi 765
garmin nuvi 770
garmin nuvi 775t
garmin nuvi 780,
garmin nuvi 785t
garmin nuvi 850
garmin nuvi 855
garmin nuvi 860
garmin nuvi 880
garmin nuvi 885t
garmin nuvi 5000
garmin nuvi 1200
garmin nuvi 1250
garmin nuvi 1260t
garmin nuvi 1300
garmin nuvi 1350
garmin nuvi 1370t
garmin nuvi 1390t
StreetPilot i2, StreetPilot i3, StreetPilot i5
StreetPilot c310, StreetPilot c320, StreetPilot c330, StreetPilot c340
StreetPilot C510, StreetPilot c530, StreetPilot c550, StreetPilot C580
StreetPilot 2620, StreetPilot 2650, StreetPilot 2660
StreetPilot 2720, StreetPilot 2730, StreetPilot 2820
StreetPilot 7200, StreetPilot 7500

The maps are also compliant with these models:

garmin motorcycle gps

quest 2
zumo 450
zumo 550
zumo 660

For the models that follow, you can not simply buy an updated version, you must purchase city navigator full version

handheld gps with topo maps (road map not included in the purchase, see the maps compatible)

200 oregon
300 oregon
oregon 400c
oregon 400i
oregon 400t
etrex legend
etrex legend h
etrex legend HCx
etrex summit hc
etrex venture hc
etrex vista
etrex vista h
eTrex Vista HCx
gpsmap 60
gpsmap 60cx
gpsmap 76

First, you'll need the usb cable that you can buy here

Is there a newer version of city navigator than currently installed?

The Garmin GPS are among the easiest to use and they have the most complete mapping on the market. To update the mapping, there are several versions of the software integrated into these road gps. To name a few, city navigator version 8 and City Navigator 2008. With a newer version, you have the most recently built streets, new shops, new parking lots, etc.. To update, there are several ways to proceed. First, before you update your maps, I recommend you check if there is a newer version of the maps, visit garmin and download the plugin. You can also view the maps version directly on your gps.

To download an update, there are several options:

1. guarantee numaps: download your garmin map update for free. http://www.garmin.com/numaps

1.1 To see if you qualify for the guarantee numaps, you must create a new account on the garmin site (follow the link "mygarmin"), you must register your device. To register your device, you will need your registration code on the yellow sheet received at the time of purchase and serial number. You can then see if you are eligible to download new maps. You can download the latest maps for free (if there is a newer version) if you have purchased your GPS after 17 August 2008 and your first gps use date 60 days or less. You will have the installation software mapsource included in the download to update your nuvi.


1.2. If you have already purchased the update, there are less than one year , nuMaps guarantee is valid where garmin released a new version of the card during the following twelve months (valid up to 4 free update). There is also the nüMaps Lifetime Guarantee ™, which costs U.S. $ 119 and entitles you to free updates for life on your garmin device. This warranty applies to the series nuvi and zumo series.

2. Buy cards

2.1. If you can not enforce the guarantee nuMaps, you can purchase an upgrade you will pay about $ 79. I can not recommend this method if you have a StreetPilot where your machine's memory is limited (does not apply to the nuvi and zumo series) for the following reason: the device memory is limited, the up date can not be completely installed into the gps. The software will ask if you want to have Canada and the northern states of the United States or the southern states of the United States. If you are a trucker or that you are a businessman traveling very often, you will probably be forced to change cards very often and this requires considerable time. Also, if you are caught in the center of New York without maps, you would not really appreciate. Find always with Garmin if the update can be completely integrated. This upgrade comes on DVD. Everything you need to do is put the DVD into the computer and connect the gps with usb cable. The software will install the gps software update, you will be asked to unplug, wait for the gps opens again and reconnect before continuing with the updated maps. You'll also need your product key that is on the envelope of the dvd.

2.2, you buy a SD memory card containing the full version of City Navigator software. This solution is more expensive because it is about $ 99 you have to pay. You can also buy full version city navigator on dvd. You can then copy the cards even on trail gps etrex legend like the etrex venture, the etrex vista, the gpsmap 60 cx or 76 cx. You'll need a memory card SD or microSD. The voice will not be available against the latter models, but this solution is that I prefer because you have total control over the cards. You can choose a specific region if you want to transfer some Canadian provinces and other provinces on the french territory. You can also use the MapSource software on a computer. You have all the shops really, really well done.

To report omissions or errors in the NAVTEQ maps

To conclude this section, if you are aware of changes made on the roads in your neighborhood or new restaurants, I recommend you participate in the development of maps by visiting mapreporter.

Other resources for updates

If you have a GPS device with maps of the NAVTEQ company (such as Magellan, Navigon, NEXTAR), visit navigation.com procedures for updates for free NAVTEQ gps.

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