Update your garmin map for free!

The new series includes several models:

nüvi ® 2200

nüvi ® 2250

nüvi ® 2250LT

nüvi ® 2300

nüvi ® 2300LM

nüvi ® 2350

nüvi ® 2350LT

nüvi ® 2350LMT

nüvi ® 2360LT

nüvi ® 2360LMT

nüvi ® 2370LT



Fig.1 The nuvi 2250LT


A quick explanation of the letters that follow the models.

LT letters mean: LifeTime Traffic. In fact, Garmin will offer the FM traffic service as long as your unit works or the affiliated supplier to Garmin for traffic info will continue to issue such information. These models include all traffic receiver. Those who do not have these letters can still buy compatible receiver.

The letters mean LM: Lifetime maps update. Garmin lets you update your gps for free until it is not working.

LMT letters mean that the GPS can receive traffic information for free and that you can update the maps for free.

The 2200 series models have almost the same format as the 1200 series. They have indeed the same width and thickness (3.7 "wide and 0.6" thick). The models of the 2200 series measure 2.8 "tall against 2.9" in height for the 1200 series (they are slightly smaller).

Those from 1300/1400/2300 series have the same size: 4.8 "W x 2.9" H x 0.6 "thick.

Models 2200 and 2300 models have several differences: The 2200 series models have a 3.5 "screen with 320 x 240 pixels (just like the 1200 series). The 2300 series models have a screen of 4.3" 480 x 272 pixels (just like the 1300 series )

The model nuvi 2200 get a 3.5 "screen and includes only regional maps (eg Canada only). No lane assist (guides you to the proper lane for navigation):

The model nuvi 2250 includes maps of Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. This model and the next include lane assist.

The model 2250 LT incorporates a traffic receiver (with lifetime subscription to the service)

The model nuvi 2300 has a screen of 4.3 "and includes only regional maps

The model 2300LM can freely have the maps updated for lifetime.

Models 2350/2360 and 2370 allow you to create routes (several stops) and calculate the best route to go through all these stop-off.

The model nuvi 2350 includes maps of Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. The 2350LT includes a traffic receiver (with free subscription for life) and 2350LMT (includes a traffic receiver with free membership and allows the maps to be updated for free)

The nuvi 2360 model adds Bluetooth technology. It can be operated with voice commands (speech recognition) and draws the buildings in 3D on the screen.

The model 2370 has the maps for Canada, the United States and Europe. It can be operated with voice (speech recognition) and draws the buildings in 3D on the screen.

Models 2350, 2360 and 2370 will show you graphically track to take on highways and can also calculate the best route based on traffic flow at certain time of day (technology trafficTrends). See also my article on technology and trafficTrends myTrends.

All models have a slot for a microSD card, spokes the street name and have the technology myTrends that learns your habits (and therefore can guide you to each of your destinations by taking the route you prefer)

No mp3 player (and audio outputs).

It was time for garmin to change their marketing. Because updates are 80 $ and the model 255w costs ($ 99.99 on sale). I find the price of updates rather high compared to the purchase price of the unit. What do you think?


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