Updating the garmin gps software via WebUpdater

Update your garmin gps software for free. Visit this page If you want to update the maps.

First, you need the USB cable that you can buy here

cable usb pour gps

Updates for garmin gps are simple. There are four elements that can be updated in a garmin: mapping, software, language used and the points of interet (POI). The software allows the calculation of routes and the address search and more. This leads to choose the shortest route, the fastest route or the crow flies. This software also allows the speech from text, the selection of the voice, the vehicle displayed on the map and determines the different options on the gps and location of icons on the screen. This can be updated via free software WebUpdater. All you need is USB cable type A to mini B.

 With the software, you can change the icon for your vehicle. Simply download new icons here and here

Maps can be updated with the mapsource software for a fee.

There is POILoader for entering new points of interest. See my example with speed radar.

See the maps available here or here

This software can be used with garmin models:


streetpilot i2
streetpilot i3
streetpilot i5
streetpilot c310
streetpilot c320
streetpilot c330
streetpilot c340
streetpilot c510
streetpilot c530
streetpilot c550
streetpilot c580
streetpilot 2620
streetpilot 2650
streetpilot 2660
streetpilot 2720
streetpilot 2730
streetpilot 2820
streetpilot 7200
streetpilot 7500
nuvi 200,nuvi 200w,nuvi 205,nuvi 250,nuvi 250w,nuvi 255,nuvi 255w,nuvi 260, nuvi 260w,nuvi 265t,nuvi 265wt, nuvi 270, nuvi 275t, nuvi 350,nuvi 360,nuvi 500, nuvi 550, nuvi 650,nuvi 660,nuvi 750,nuvi 755t, nuvi 760,nuvi 765t, nuvi 770, nuvi 775t, nuvi 780, nuvi 785t, nuvi 850, nuvi 855, nuvi 860, nuvi 885t, nuvi 5000


quest 2
zumo 450
zumo 550
zumo 660

handheld gps

geko 201
geko 301
gps 60
gps 72
gps 76
etrex h


foretrex 101
foretrex 201
foretrex 301
foretrex 205
foretrex 305
foretrex 405
forerunner 50

handheld gps with mapping

oregon 200
oregon 300
oregon 400c
oregon 400i
oregon 400t
etrex legend
etrex legend h
etrex legend hcx
etrex summit hc
etrex venture hc
etrex vista
etrex vista h
etrex vista hcx
gpsmap 60
gpsmap 60cx
gpsmap 60csx
gpsmap 76
gpsmap 76S
gpsmap 76Cx
gpsmap 76CSx

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