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Garmin offers not only the gps to find your way on the road or in the woods but also shows several models of gps for athletes. The base model © Forerunner 101 can measure speed, distance, pace and calories consumed. With the virtual partner, you can set a target wishes to see at any time if you are in front or behind. You can't get lost because you can record the location of your home.

The model 201 compared to 101 contains a rechargeable lithium ion integrated and allows you to plug into the computer to analyze your performance. The 205 contains an ultra-sensitive GPS.

The Forerunner 301 model is equipped with a heart rate monitor and supports profiles for running, cycling and other sports. The 305 contains an ultra-sensitive GPS.

Forunner The model 405 allows you to share your information, your training and your tours with others who have a forerunner 405. It can be supplied with or without heart rate monitor.


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