Choosing a road GPS that suits your needs!

There is no doubt that the road gps from Garmin is the most popular in Canada. Being myself a seller in a chain of stores selling electronics, I can see the products that are unable to compete in the market.

The garmin Nuvi series are the most popular. In terms of value for money, I highly recommend the 200C model which has a 3.5 inch screen. This model is priced around $ 200. It has maps of Canada. You can choose a male or female voice. Unfortunately, this model only tells you to turn left or right without any additional information.

There is also the 255w model that has a screen larger than the nuvi 200, 250 and 260. His screen measures 4.3 inches and has all the maps of the united states and canada. This model is priced around $ 300. This model contains detailed voice instructions: they will say spoken street names. See my article on the new series of garmin for a list of differences.

If you are looking for a model capable of bluetooth, there is the garmin nuvi 765t. This model also has an mp3 player, a traffic receiver and FM transmitter. This model is unfortunately more expensive at around $ 729. If you do not want mp3 player, there is the new model 265wt which also has the bluetooth and traffic receiver. (it is priced at around $ 400)

For a model that can be used both in a vehicle on your bike, get one of the 500 series that is waterproof and conforms to IPX7 standard.

If you are a citizen of a big city, I recommend models 1200 or 1300 series. With theses models, you can download the list of metro stations, bus stations and trams.

For truckers, the nuvi 465t is a choice since you can choose the type of load that you carry as well as the width, height and weight of your convoy.

Finally, for those still on the road or illiterate, there are models that allow speech recognition: you speak and it understand! nuvi 880 (one thousand dollars).

For a list of all the gps, please visit the official website of Garmin.


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